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Shalom Living primarily invests in the Irish real estate market, having previously focused on projects in Luxembourg and Switzerland. Our investment is further enhanced by private impact investors, asset owners, financiers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and individuals.

On a deal specific basis, we gather around a shared set of objectives to unlock asset values and deliver market competitive investment returns. We ensure that transactions fulfil the identified objectives of asset owners and stakeholders, in an ethos led and value enhancing manner.

We take a holistic approach in ensuring that a partnership between the entrepreneurial and philanthropic, creates synergy of enhanced momentum. In line with our ethos, we ensure that a minimum of 10% of company profits are donated to charitable causes.

Quantitative (investment yield) and qualitative (humanitarian benefits) returns delivered; helps to increase the sense of “Shalom” not only for deal stakeholders and asset benefitees, however also for vulnerable or marginalised persons who benefit from the charitable initiatives supported.


Asset Sourcing

Financial Evaluation

Negotiating Stakeholder Parameters

Asset Financials and Modelling

Private Investment

Value Enhancement & Development Services

Performance Management & Profit Reporting

Risk Management & Mitigation

Leverage, Debt & Equity Structuring

Lease Sale & Purchase

Deal Management & Execution A-Z

Acquisition, Joint Venture & Partnership

Fundraising & Exit Strategies

Cash Flow Management

Investment Return

Support & Development of Charitable Causes

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